Friday, February 18, 2011

'BROKEN HEARTS ARE FOR ASSHOLES' Group Art Show... Tomorrow!

Oh yeah! This will be a good one! 8 artist take on the title "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes" which was actually Bob's, (Brett), idea based off of Frank Zappa's song. I love the lyrics. Not a big Zappa fan but it sounds good. words. :)

Anyhoo... I did some new little arts for the show! Smaller ones that will be fun for people to connect with. Face it, we've all broken or been broken hearts so no one should be confused.

I did some more small stencils and drawings on rad found wood and other wood shapes ! Here's a few I did today! Yay! New art!

And as always, my pieces will be priced to sell. I rather people be able to come to the show and leave with some thing than try and market myself all ridiculously priced. I have a job friends. Not dependent on my art. I do it because I love it! And I like to share... so come get some!

Oh oh.... and I did some teeny tiny art! Mini art pieces that will be for sale as well!!

I'll probably put some ribbon on them or something! They are only about 5 inches high!
Yay mini art! (I love tiny things!)

I know it's rainy here in SB but don't be scared... wear something cute and cozy and come say hi! I might even set up a little Mary and the Machine booth in case anyone wants to get a LOVE WARRIOR vest! Thanks for reading! xoxo vanae

Thursday, February 10, 2011

new hats for your head..

is your head missing something?.....try covering it up with a new MARY and the Machine hat! Available ONLY at tonights event at the Mercury Lounge in Goleta! come on.... :) It is a great 'boyfriend' present too... (or girl friend that wears trucker hats...) well they are ONLY $15 each TONIGHT!! send your homies 'cause they will go fast sweets... hope to see you! I made a fabulous little display i'm excited to show... its tiny but works! xoxo vanae

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

love boutique!!

Well v-day isn't my fav considering I work at a flower shop but I do love hearts and treats and sweet events... which I am super excited to announce i'll be apart of the etsySB's event LOVE:Boutique that will be held in Goleta at the ultra fabulous Mercury Lounge this Thursday!

Here are some of my new earrings I'll be selling.... along with some cutsie bows, pins and necklaces! I'll for sure have some MARY and the MACHINE shirts for ya too so please stop by for some sweet shit! ya.

Don't forget about all the other awesome goodies that will be there from the other SBetsy creators! Hope to see you... tell a friend to please.. xoxo vanae

Sunday, February 6, 2011


i think i have a crush on a robot. well, a picture of one. look at these guys!

my lovely friend Ellen is gonna have a baby soon and i'm super duper excited to be on the ideas and decoration committee! vintage robots and vintage choo choo fucking cute! --opps... gotta watch that f-bomb with kids around soon. getting lots of ideas and inspirations from vintage robots like these! i can see stencils on onesies, robots cakes, balloons, candies... oh the fun! we are all robots...and this 'mary' robot will be making some cute shit soon! xo