Sunday, January 27, 2013

one year.

hello there friends. its been a bit. only ABOUT A YEAR. lets play catch up.

Well.... for those who don't know, I started my tattoo apprenticeship last year in January.
Can't believe it's already been a year. I've waited a long time for this opportunity to come. Had a short apprenticeship about 9 years ago but that didn't work out. Been bustin my balls, doing art non-stop since then and finally the universe provided. patience pays.

My master/sensei/teacher for tattooing is Permanent Mark. He has been tattooing for over 20 years all over the world and has worked with some of the legendary masters in the industry. Its a real fucking honor working under him and having this opportunity. I thank the stars daily.

Have to say its been a interesting journey this last year. Spent a lot of time just drawing and tracing. I've literally had to relearn how to draw. The shit i've been drawing and have trained my hands to do the last 20 years of my life is great but not all of it translates to being a good tattoo. That's where studying old flash comes in. There are reasons why they draw a certain way and my ol' dog brain doesn't grasp it all too fast. Yeah, that's where my doubts came in regarding me starting an apprenticeship at my ripe age of 33. My boss said its not about age, its about dedication. Well im commited. I don't care about being a popular, trendy, tattoo bitch. I just want to be able to live as a working artist, work around and with other artists and learn to make a good tattoos.

I did my first tattoo on myself in February 2012. Bert Grimm flash. It was hilarious, exciting, scary and stressful all in one. But i couldn't get enough. So i did a few more on myself. doh. Gotta start somewhere. I fucking love it but it's not easy. But all i can do is keep on doing it. Thank goodness for all my little friends that let me tattoo them. :) Been doing at least one or two a week. Try to make time even if i have to do them late night after everyone is gone. But then I don't have anyone to help me if I run into a problem. I guess that's how I gotta learn. Haven't ran into too many problems luckily though. I'm super grateful for all the guys at the shop. I'm inspired by all of them and they are pretty nice to me. But no one is just handing shit to me. They let me work for it. Gotta put in my time.

Where I am at right now, I am still doing simple traditional tattoos and lettering. No tattooing customers. Not there yet! Not trying to eat more than I can chew. "piano, piano" is what my boss says. I suck still but haven't had any doozies....yet. Oh, i'm sure my time will come. There is more to tattooing than tattooing. I've got a shit ton to learn! If ya want it, ya gotta get off your ass and work for it. My position there at the shop is interesting. I am the apprentice but I am also the manager so I have a whole other job trying to make sure we have everything we need at the shop. Thank god for the shop guy Shea. He is the best. Together we make sure the shop runs like a well oiled machine. Ok thanks if you read all this shit. haha. MARY AND THE MACHINE WILL BE BACK SOON!!!!

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