about me

my name is Vanae. Some call me Mary, (and a few other names).... Been drawing since i was 5. Painted on walls and trains for a bit, (i was never that good.), Now I focus on large ink and acrylic paintings on wood and canvas. I still draw a lot. Other shit i love to do is sewing, stenciling, thrifting, printing, collecting old dolls and toys, and am currently apprenticing to tattoo and managing Golden Eagle Tattoo in Santa Barbara California. Gots to stay busy Mon.

I've got a small clothing line called Mary and the Machine which i've been doing for about 5 years now. Right now its not got much happening but soon it'll be back. I print mainly on shirts and sew prints on jackets and vests. I used to sell in different boutiques here in Santa Barbara and LA but my stuff is now available only at GOLDEN EAGLE TATTOO and here at my studio. I make it and sell it my god damn self. Feel free to contact me for any info.

I live here in Santa Barbara in my small warehouse on upper State Street where i make my shit. Because of my commitment to my apprenticeship I haven't been able to do my shirts or many art show in 2012 but I should be up and running in 2013. Im happy to just be my weird self, making my silly shit and trying to be as humble as possible. I hope to encourage more people to start making shit and make things happen. My apprenticeship is my world right now and im livin the dream. my dream of course. we are all different. thank goodness.

ok thanks for the love,