Sunday, May 15, 2011

the time is near!!!!

They will soon be upon us.... From all over the state... Near and far....  Sharing their fancy creations, innovative designs and eclectic collections....  SPACE INVADERS 2!!  yay!

This is one of my dream jobs.... organizing events that bring lots of creatives together!  Well, I got to do it a couple of times last year and I am honored to be able to host it again on June 18th here in Santa Barbara!

We call it 'SPACE INVADERS' because, well..... we transform my work space and parking lot of my studio into a fabulous, crafty experience that would not exist without so many wonderful creators!  ...And because I love the game and those little critters.  They are so cute.  I still play it at home too.  True story!

Well this year is going to be tons of fun with over 25 different far!!  Some of the same designers as last year and some new ones too!!  There will be artists, jewelry designers, doll makers, vintage collectors, seamstresses, photographers, cupcake makers, and more!  We will also be hosting some of the lovely and talented designers from Etsy SB group too!

There will also be a raffle to benefit the Heart 2 Hand art fund! More info here.  Tellin' ya... last year the people who won were getting away with a bag full of goodies!  Thank you to everyone who donated and participated.

You'll find lots more info here so stay in touch!  Its a free event, kid friendly, with so much greatness in one place!  A vendor list will be up soon!  Here are some photos from last year.  Yay to craftiness and vintage!

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