Friday, February 26, 2010

MURAL Downtown SB....Mason and State

Yesturday I got to do a lil mural downtown... It was rad. I love when people stop and give you the eye like your vandalizing or something in the broad day light, (although that is a pretty inconspicuous way of doing it!). Started at about 11:30 and when till about 4.... just went out of my head... I hate sketchin shit up then trying to paint it and it looks different or unproportioned. K.I.S.S. ....means KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. ....and then let go...

Hopefully Santa Barbara could lighten up and support a few more legal murals around town. Add some culture, some color, something to make people think. There is nothing more important right now than getting our heads out of our asses stressing about money and wealth and all that shit. Looking at art at least for that moment takes you away to a beautiful place. Do that often and you'll find your not spending so much time obsessing about things that are out of our control. Its gonna be what its going to be.

New focus,.....getting more art supported in the SB. Its dryer than Salt Lake City. Geez. :)

here it is...