Friday, March 12, 2010


Just got back from a trip to SLC...(my home im not a mormon but I survived.)

I was honored to beable to paint with some old homies from back in the day... Strut and Chew. These guys fuckin kill it every time, swear! Chew was one of the first people, (in 98'), to show me how to do a piece...(when I used to try but now I pretty much stick to what I can pull off decently!...the girls and the birds if ya don't know by now!) I still get all goofy hanging with amazing artists like them. I was tripping over cans and shit...(I didn't have anything to eat either.) Not to mention the altitude in SLC and 2 cups of coffee....yaaaoo! Swear I was dizzy for a week!

This wall has survived downtown Salt Lake for a lil while and changes quite often among the street artists in SLC and some homies that visit, (like me!....lucky.) Its located at 337 south and 400 west if you are in the hood! There used to be a house in front of the property that was doomed for demo so the owner donated it to local artists to paint. It was quite a scene! Not sure how long our production will be up but you are bound to catch some bad ass shit no matter who rocked it! Yay SLC writers! Much love for keepin it going! Thanks for having me!

Also got to produce a big sign for my friends nail salon, The Nail Room located at 380 East and 1700 South. Made a huge wood sign for front of the building. Didn't get to put it up but you can imagine how it would work, right? She also has some of my work in the salon that I did a few summers ago. She rules!

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